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Between Two Worlds

Demonstrating has been a passion of mine for the last two decades. When I was 18 I began to demonstrate my mediumship publicly, and I would travel the length and breadth of the UK delivering up to four demonstrations per week, sometimes rushing from my full-time job to the venue that I was serving. Later, my work took me to many different countries around the world, where I would often work with translators so that the communications could be understood by audiences that didn’t speak English as a first language.

Wherever I demonstrate in the world people’s response to a good demonstration of mediumship are always the same: they are moved by the communications they witness. You see, a good demonstration of mediumship will move the whole audience. As a medium, it is my job, using factual pieces of information about the communicator’s life and personality, to tell the story of how the spirit person lived and expressed themselves during their physical life. A demonstration of mediumship is, therefore, a reflection of life itself. As the audience relive in their own minds the life-stories the spirit people share via the medium, they are lead through a myriad of emotions: laughter, joy and sometimes tears of sadness.

Essentially, a demonstration of mediumship shows us that our loved ones in the Spirit World are still human, that they have not changed but are the same people who still love us, and are only but a thought away. Moreover, the demonstrations of mediumship provide us with an experience, and a body of evidence, that points to the fact that although the physical body may perish, the essence of who we are – our personality, self-consciousness, faculty of reason, intelligence, and emotional life, live on.

In this sense, the medium gives voice to the unseen world, they are, quite literally, a conduit between two worlds; but more importantly, if the medium is truly in touch with the spirit world, then the whole audience ought to be able to feel the presence of the spirit person who is communicating. For the person who is receiving the communication, they ought to feel as though their loved one is there with them, as for the rest of the audience, by the time the communication has been brought to a close, they should feel as though they have just met someone for the first time: they should get a real sense of what the spirit communicator was like when they were here, and how they expressed themselves.

In this way, a demonstration of mediumship is not just for those who receive a personal communication from their loved one, but for everybody present. It is only when the reality of that of that unseen world becomes real to the audience via the medium that transformation and healing can take place. For some people, they may feel uplifted or have a better sense of well-being from the experience; for others it may inspire them to investigate the subject further in a practical way, and embark on their own personal journey of self-discovery; while for others still it may simply make them to reflect on the subject of life-after-death.

Since Covid, which incidentally coincided with when I emigrated to Canada, I have not, for obvious reasons, been able to demonstrate my mediumship regularly. However, I am pleased to say that from June 2023 – October 2024, I will be embarking on a theatre tour of Canada, called Between Two Worlds, which will stop in pretty much every province along the way.

The tour will start in Alberta in June 2023, and then move to Ontario in Nov 2023, followed by the Maritime provinces in June 2024, and ending in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in October 2024. The gaps between each leg of the tour will enable me to honour my teaching commitments, as a tutor or mediumship, both in terms of my short online courses, and mentorship programs.

Tickets for the first leg of the tour, in Alberta, are now available, and, at the time of writing, there are still Early Bird Tickets available for each venue.

The first leg kicks off in Edmonton on June 9th 2023, then Grande Prairie (14th June), followed by Calgary (16th June), and ending in Red Deer (17th June).

If you have never seen a demonstration of mediumship before, please check out the video below. This is from a demonstration I did in Burlington, Ontario, a couple of days before the first national lockdown in March 2020.

I hope to see you at one of the Evenings of Mediumship over the course of the next 18 months, and if you would like more information on the tour, or would like a ticket for one of the events, please check out my website.


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