F R E E  L E C T U R E  S E R I E S 

Andy is committed to providing free opportunities for people to deepen their understanding of, and to unfold, their mediumship. To achieve this Andy delivers free online talks each year via his Spirit Talk online lecture series.

These talks are free to attend, but you are required to register to reserve your place, as numbers are limited. Andy covers a wide variety of topics concerning the development and unfoldment of mediumship and the self, and each talk is approximately 60 minutes in length. 

Alongside developing his mediumship for the last 17 years, Andy has also deepened his spiritual education through academic study. Andy first studied Religion, Ethics and Philosophy at King's College London, and then went on to be awarded a Master's Degree with Distinction at the prestigious University of London. Andy focused on Nineteenth-Century British History with a particular emphasis on the relationship between religion and science, as well as the culture of death in Victorian Britain and Spiritualism. 

By registering for free you will automatically be enrolled for each lecture in the series, so there is no need to keep re-registering for each lecture. 

T I M E S 

11AM // Los Angeles 
1PM // Chicago 
2PM // New York

7PM // UK 

8PM // Europe

If you live in a country other than those listed above, just check the time difference between your country and the UK.

S C H E D U L E 

April 7 | The Purpose of Mediumship


Historically, mediumship has been considered to be an expression that provides evidence of the survival of the human soul. Although this is one purpose of the mediumistic expression, there is a much greater message that often gets lost. Join Andy for this one-hour lecture as he discusses that greater message of the Spirit World. 


April 21 | The Need of the Communicator


Mediums often consider themselves to be ‘information givers’, and don’t always consider the need of their spirit communicator. During this lecture, Andy will teach you how to identify and communicate your communicator’s need so that it doesn’t get lost in the communication itself. 


June 16 | Running a Circle


The circle has been the backbone of mediumistic development since the nineteenth-century. During this talk Andy will talk you through the history of the circle, and how to start and run your own. 


June 30 | Sitting for Spirit


Mediums often get confused between Sitting in the Power, Sitting in Circle, and Sitting for Spirit. During this talk, Andy will outline the differences between these practices and how each plays a fundamental part in your mediumistic development. 


July 14 | The Complete Medium


As we unfold our mediumship, it is easy to get lost along the way. Many student mediums have a directionless development that doesn’t embrace all of the fundamental aspects that needed to become the complete medium. During this talk, Andy will offer you an overview of the different aspects needed within your development so that you can focus on the right areas.


August 18 | Building Confidence


Often students of mediumship try to build confidence by focusing on the results of their mediumistic experiences. This produces a false sense of confidence, which usually crumbles when we encounter obstacles within our unfoldment. Join Andy as he explores the topic of confidence, giving you practical advice on how to build a lasting confidence within your mediumistic expression.


September 18 | The Fundamentals of Mediumship


This talk will focus on the mechanics of your mediumship, giving you fresh perspectives on the nature of your mediumistic experience. This talk hopes to open up your mind to new ways of working with the Spirit World and focuses on the fundamental aspects within your expression that will form a strong foundation within your mediumship on which everything else can rest.


September 25 | Death and the Medium


During this talk, Andy will offer his own insights on how he has balanced his need to serve the spirit world while grieving the loss of his own loved ones. As mediums, when we are the midst of grief we often worry if this will affect our mediumistic expression; if it is even right to continue to serve the spirit world while we are grieving; and, sometimes, we may even minimise our own grief because of our worldview. Join Andy for this talk, as he explores the relationship between grief and the medium. 


October 16 | Helping Souls Heal


This talk explores the various ways that evidential mediumship can promote healing both within this world and the spirit world. Andy will offer practical advice on how we can develop our mediumship to maximise the healing benefits that are inherent within the mediumistic expression.


November 6 | The Purpose of the Psychic Expression


The psychic expression is frequently considered to be inferior to communicating with the spirit world. However, when we understand the true purpose of the psychic level, it becomes clear that is beautiful way to offer hope and direction to people’s lives. During this lecture, Andy will outline what the purpose of the psychic level is, and how it can be used to help promote clarity and healing within your client’s lives.


 November 13 | The Art of the Private Sitting


During this talk Andy will outline the different aspects of the private sitting, and how the psychic and mediumistic expression can be used in conjunction with each other to meet the needs of your client’s.



November 27 | A Constant State of Suffering


Plato understood that as soon as desire was fulfilled it was simultaneously replaced by a new desire, which leaves the human being in a constant state of suffering. During this talk, Andy will discuss how this natural part of the human condition is essential to our spiritual progress. He will define what we mean by spiritual progress, and how we can harness our own struggles to develop a rich and meaningful life. 


December 18 | Science and Mediumship


Since the nineteenth-century, scientists have always taken an interest in mediumistic phenomena. During this talk, Andy will offer an outline of the relationship between science and mediumship. Andy specialised in this subject during his five years at the University of London. This talk will draw on his academic studies in this area, and provide you a solid foundation to understand the different ways in which science and mediumship have interacted with each other over the centuries.

"The faculty of Mediumship is a natural expression of the soul and it is for this reason that true mediums are born and not made. We must first go through a period of self awareness, so that we can understand for ourselves what the true expression of our soul is. Once we know that being a Medium is part of our life’s purpose, we are then ready to begin learning our art."

"It is important to me that we produce rounded mediums. Many students just want to learn through practical exercises, but experience has taught me that it is those students who have a depth of knowledge and understanding that go on to become good mediums"

 - Andy Byng

S P I R I T  T A L K

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