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"The faculty of Mediumship is a natural expression of the soul and it is for this reason that true mediums are born and not made. We must first go through a period of self awareness, so that we can understand for ourselves what the true expression of our soul is. Once we know that being a Medium is part of our life’s purpose, we are then ready to begin learning our art."

"It is important to me that we produce rounded mediums. Many students just want to learn through practical exercises, but experience has taught me that it is those students who have a depth of knowledge and understanding that go on to become good mediums"

 - Andy Byng

S P I R I T  T A L K  :  A  F R E E 

O N L I N E  L E C T U R E  S E R I E S 

Andy is committed to providing free opportunities for people to deepen their understanding of, and to unfold, their mediumship. To achieve this Andy delivers free online talks each year via his Spirit Talk online lecture series.

These talks are free to attend, but you are required to register to reserve your place, as numbers are limited. Andy covers a wide variety of topics concerning the development and unfoldment of mediumship and the self, and each talk is approximately 60 minutes in length. 

Alongside developing his mediumship for the last 15 years, Andy has also deepened his spiritual education through academic study. Andy first studied Religion, Ethics and Philosophy at King's College London, and then went on to be awarded a Master's Degree with Distinction at the prestigious University of London. Andy focused on Nineteenth-Century British History with a particular emphasis on the relationship between religion and science, as well as the culture of death in Victorian Britain and Spiritualism. 

By registering for free you will automatically be enrolled for each lecture in the series, so there is no need to keep re-registering for each lecture. 

T i m e s :

8PM // UK 
9PM // Europe
12 Noon // Los Angeles 
2 PM // Chicago 
7AM (on the 28th June) // Australia

If you live in a country other than those listed above, just check the time difference between your country and the UK.

D A T E S :


Saturday 9th March 2019 - Philosophy of the Spirit: an Overview of Spiritual Philosophy.


During this talk Andy will outline the main aspects of spiritual Philosophy, and he will also help you to understand what philosophy is, and how it can be used to help you understand your mediumistic experiences and personal spiritual experiences. It is suitable for all levels of experience and will help to provide you with a foundation of knowledge.

Saturday 6th April 2019 - The Tripartite Nature of Humanity: the Spirit, the Soul and the Body


We often use the words Spirit and Soul interchangeably as though they mean the same thing, and yet they don’t. This talk is designed to give you a clear understanding of the core concepts of the Spirit and the Soul, and an understanding of the relationship that exists between the two. It is essential that we have a clear understanding of what the soul is because it is what we are becoming aware of within our mediumship, and what we are exploring within our own personal development. 

Saturday 1st June 2019 - The Art of Surrendering


The degree to which we are able to surrender to the power of the spirit communicator determines the depth and accuracy of our mediumistic expression. During this Talk Andy will explain what it means to surrender and outline the common causes of what stops you from surrendering, which is what will be hindering your Mediumship.

Saturday 20th July 2019 - The Great Mediums of the Past: Nineteenth-Century Mediums and their Scientific Peers


Andy has spent five years at University researching and understanding the relationship between science and spiritualism in the nineteenth-century. During this talk Andy will outline the historic relationship between scientists and mediums, discuss the leading pioneers of the nineteenth-century, and will take a closer look at D.D. Home, the most renowned physical medium of the period. 


Talks Later in the Year:


August 2019 - The Power of the Story: Part One

October 2019 - The Power of the Story: Part Two

November 2019 - Sitting in the Power: Meditation as the Foundation to Mediumistic Unfoldment

December 2019 – The Role of the Spirit Guide in Mediumistic Unfoldment 

To register for the talk please click the registration button below. A link to the online classroom will be e-mailed to you several days before the talk.