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THE COMPLETE MEDIUM             SUITE //           

T H E  C O M P L E T E  M E D I U M  S U I T E


The Complete online suite is ideal for those students who wish to take all of Andy's online courses in 2021, and for those who are seeking regular online training on a range of different mediumship topics. The Suite Includes:



Me, Myself and I: a Journey within | Discover More

The Essence of the Communicator | Discover More

Deepening the Evidence | Discover More

The Private Sitting Medium | Discover More

The Awakened Medium | Discover More

Sitting in the Power | Discover More

The Message | Discover More


1-Day Online Intensive x 2


On Saturday 4th December 2021 & Saturday 28th May 2022, Andy will run a one-day online seminar (2PM - 9PM UK Time), especially for those students who have registered for The Complete Medium Suite. The seminar will cover different aspects of the online courses that you will have taken over the year. This will be a great way to consolidate what you have learnt during 2021, and to put all of the teaching together. 

Cost: £605 (GBP).

The total cost of the courses separately is £905, and does not include the 2 x one-day intensive. This equates to a saving of over £400 for the year.

Please note that these courses are run by the Spiritualist Society of Burlington. To Register for the course you will be redirected to their Spirit Events website, where payment can be made.