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M E D I U M S H I P 


" The medium must constantly push the boundaries of their expression"  - Andy Byng

It is important, throughout our development, to push the boundaries of our mediumship, and constantly work outside of our comfort zones. This helps us not only build trust with those we work with in the spirit world, and in our mediumship, but it also shows us what is possible.


During this course, Andy will push the boundaries of your mediumship by inviting you to take part in experiments that will move you outside of your comfort zone.


This is a very practical course that isn't suitable for beginners. To get the most from this course you should already be able to deliver communications from the spirit world that are understood by your recipient. 

Each week Andy will begin the session by setting you an exercise that will push the boundaries of your mediumship and take you outside of your comfort zones. Some of these exercises will be quite elaborate, demonstrating the intelligence of the spirit world, and helping you to develop trust and confidence within your expression.

After the exercise, a lot of time will be spent on group feedback. Andy will work with as many individuals as possible, he will go through your experiences in detail, helping you to understand what happened within your communications, what you can learn from them, and, as development points arise, will give you practical advice on how you can strengthen and develop those aspects of your expression. The feedback will be done in front of the whole group so that everybody can learn from each others experiences. 

While Andy will offer open and honest feedback, it will always be respectful and constructive.



Experiment One | Nov 13


Experiment Two | Nov 20


Experiment Three | Nov 27


Experiment Four | Dec 4


Experiment Five | Dec 11

Each session will last for two-hours, and will consist of an explanation of the exercise, the exercise itself, and group feedback. The time of each session will be 7 - 9 PM (UK Time).

Each session will be recorded, so every talk, exercise and Feedback Session can be viewed after the session. For those who can't make
the session, you will be able to arrange to practise the exercises in your own time via the dedicated Facebook group.

Price 149 GBP


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