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"Evidential mediumship places emphasis on retelling the story of the Spirit Person's life through providing factual pieces of information pertaining to their earthly life and expression rather than on the message they have come to impart. For if we do not know who the messenger is, then their message becomes redundant."  - Andy Byng

Evidential mediumship tries to achieve two ends: first, it provides a body of evidence about the spirit person that is strong enough that only one person in an audience can understand, demonstrating that it is the recipient's loved one who is communicating; and secondly, through these evidential communications it provides an experience, and body of evidence, that demonstrates that the mind, or soul, survives physical death. 

The medium is thus an ambassador for the Spirit World: giving a voice to the voiceless, and making tangible the invisible.

During this five week course, Andy, through short talks and practical exercises, will help you to develop a strong foundation within your evidential mediumship. The sessions will cover the essentials that you need to help you establish your mediumistic communication, and unfold the story of the communicator's life.

Session One | The Power of the Story: During this session Andy will give you an overview of the mechanics of your mediumship, giving you a fresh perspective on how your mediumship is working, how to work with rather than against your mediumship, and practical advice on what needs to be developed so that you can better understand your communications with the spirit world.


Session Two |  The Essence of the Communicator: During this session, Andy will deliver a short-talk on how to work with the essence of your communicator so that you can bring your communication alive; and how building a strong emotional foundation to your contacts with the spirit world helps you to surrender more consistently to the spirit person. Andy will also share with you a practical exercise that will help you to express the essence of your communicator, helping you to bring your communicator to life through the evidence you provide.

Session Three | Experiencing rather than Observing: During this session, Andy will place an emphasis on reliving the experiences that the spirit world is sharing with you, rather than wanting to have an arms length relationship with your communicator. To do this Andy will help you to unlock and develop a heavily underused aspect of the clair-sentience. This will be a very practical session, and exercises will be undertaken to help you become your communicator and to relive their experiences.  

Session Four | Deepening The Practical Evidence: During this session, Andy will help you to understand the visual experiences that you are having within your mediumship, learning how to unfold strong, specific practical evidence, as well as opening your mind to the fact that multiple statements of practical evidence can be understood within a single experience. 


Session Five | Unfolding the Story: During this session, Andy will move you away from giving bits of information about your spirit communicator, and instead help you to understand how the experiences you are having through the communication are interconnected, and, when we understand this and work within the naturalness of your mediumship, how they unfold to tell a story about your communicator's life.   


Each session will last for two-hours, and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session. The time of each session will be 7 - 9 PM (UK Time).

Each session will be recorded, so every talk and Question and Answer Session can be viewed after the session. For those who can't make the session, you will be able to arrange to practise the exercise in your own time via the dedicated Facebook group.  

Price: 149 GBP 

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