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B A R R I E R S 


"To master one's mediumship, one must first master oneself."  - Andy Byng

It is often overlooked that mediumship is a state of awareness, which depends on the medium being able to maintain a state of stillness and focus, as well as being in a state of relaxation. During our communications with the spirit world, our own emotions and experiences are triggered, through the faculty of the imagination, which allows us to become consciously aware of what our soul is experiencing as it blends with the soul of the spirit communicator. During our mediumistic communications, therefore, it is often our own insecurities, fears, and lack of trust that prevents us from surrendering and becoming at one with our Spirit Communicator. During this course, Andy will help you to identify barriers within you that are holding back your mediumship, and will provide guidance and exercises  to help break those barriers down.

Session One | Sept 18 | Mediumship as a State of Mind: During this session Andy will provide you with an overview of the teachings, and give you an in depth explanation of how the qualities within our own soul's affect the mediumistic expression. This will offer you fresh perspectives on the relationship between your personal spiritual development and your mediumistic expression, as well as giving you some structure that can help you navigate your own personal spiritual unfoldment. 

Session Two | Sept 25 | Identifying Your Barriers: Through practical exercises Andy will help you to identify for yourself the barriers within your mediumistic expression. During the session, he will also give your practical advice and exercises that can be worked on in the weeks following the session so that you can begin to understand and work through these different aspects of your self. 

Session Three | Oct 2 | Building Your Confidence: There are many reasons why mediums lack confidence within their mediumship. During this session Andy will take you through meditations and exercises that will allow you to understand and build your confidence within your mediumship. 

Session Four | Oct 9 | Trusting Your Experiences: Trust is essential when working with the spirit world. Trusting your experiences, and placing trust in the communicator and your relationship with the spirit world. During the session, Andy will guide you through different experiences with the spirit world that will enable you to develop trust within your expression. There will be also be time to reflect on the experiences and, with the help of Andy, identify moment within your expression where we trusted our experience and perhaps moments where we didn't. More importantly, we will start working towards understanding why these moments occurred so we can begin to develop and strengthen our trust in our mediumship.  

Session Five | Oct 16 | Finding your Voice: Articulating emotions is essential to the mediumistic expression. To strengthen our communications, and to become more accurate within our mediumship, we first need to develop a language so that we can master the expression of our own emotions. This session is designed to help you deepen your own self-expression so that you can better understand your emotions and develop a language to express them so that you can better articulate the emotions that are triggered within your mediumistic communications. 

Each session will last for two-hours, and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session. The time of each session will be 7 - 9 PM (UK Time).

Each session will be recorded, so every talk, exercise and Question and Answer Session can be viewed after the session. For those who can't make the session, you will be able to arrange to practise the exercise in your own time via the dedicated Facebook group.

Price 149 GBP


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