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T H E  M U S K O K A  
M E D I U M S H I P  

4 - D A Y  R E S I D E N T I A L  


M E D I U M S H I P  I N T E N S I V E  

 J U N E  21  - 24  2024


B O O T  C A M P 

Join us on an intensive, 4-day residential Mediumship Boot Camp at the lakeside resort Bayview Wildwood, on Sparrow Lake, Muskoka, Southern Ontario. 

The Muskoka Mediumship Boot Camp is a four day intensive mediumship seminar aimed at those who are working publicly as mediums (either private sitting or demonstrating mediums) or those who are now getting themselves ready to begin working publicly as a medium.



Your days will be jam packed with mediumship, as will be working from 9:30am until 9pm each day (don’t worry there will be breaks), and you will be able to focus on either private sittings or demonstrating mediumship for the duration of the seminar.

" Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."


J O H N  J O H N S O N

John is a Course Organiser and Tutor at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College.


John’s greatest passion is teaching others how to unfold their mediumistic gifts, as well as working and supporting others to express and understand themselves, allowing them to find their own truth. Self-development, which is the foundation of mediumistic development, has always been a passion for John and he continues to use this in his teaching and philosophy today.


As John says:


“I am becoming more and more who I am as a person. Understanding all the parts of me to help me to become myself as I am today. In being the best version of myself, I can be the best for others”.

T U T O R S 

A N D Y  B Y N G

Andy is a Course Organiser and Tutor at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College. Originally hailing from Birmingham (UK), he currently resides in Toronto, Canada.  Andy’s passion and dedication to the spirit world is clear: he works tirelessly to reunite people with their loved ones and to teach others how to develop their own mediumship, his work as an Evidential Medium takes him across the world.


Andy has spent six years studying the philosophy and history of mediumship at university. In 2010, Andy began studying at King's College London. He graduated from King's in 2013 with a BA in religion, philosophy and ethics. In 2016, the University of London awarded Andy his Master’s degree, which he passed with distinction. Andy shares this knowledge with his students, as he strives to give them a rounded spiritual education. 

T R A I N I N G 

You will be able to choose to join a specialty group at the start of the seminar, which will be your focus over the 4-days


The Demonstrating Group


For those who opt to be part of the demonstrating group, your tutor will focus on your development needs, provide you with detailed individual feedback, and help you to polish and strengthen your demonstrating mediumship. Time will be spent on teaching you how to establish a communicator, how to find your recipient in a large group of people, as well helping you to deepening your evidence, and polishing your presentation. 


During the evenings, there will be an opportunity for you to take part in a demonstration of mediumship, and individual feedback regarding the demonstration will be given to you by Andy or John.  



The Private Sitting Group


For those who choose to join the Private Sitting Group, your tutor will be helping you to strengthen your ability to deliver private readings to your clients. You will be taught how to identify the need of your sitter, how to unfold the issues and aspects of the recipient’s life that you become aware, as well as how to make sure you are beginning your private sitting by working on the right level (either psychic or mediumistic). Time will also be spent on the mediumistic level: deepening your evidence of the communicator, helping you to seamlessly move between the psychic and mediumistic levels (and vice versa), and helping you to bring together your private sittings as a whole. 


There will be an opportunity to deliver a full 30-minute private sitting to a client, and individual feedback will be given on the sitting itself. 


As you are already working publicly with your mediumship, or are just preparing to do so, Andy and John are excited to be able to challenge you further. In their own respectful and constructive way, your tutors will be seeking to give you as much individual attention and honest feedback as possible, putting you through your paces to hep you become a better conduit for the spirit world

" Allow yourself to be challenged in a compassionate and supportive environment."



S A T U R D A Y  
S U N D A Y 

M O N D A Y 

T H E  P R O G R A M 



Arrive at Bayview for check - in at 3:30 PM and the Boot Camp will commence at 5 PM giving you enough time to relax and take in the amazing venue beforehand. 

3:30 PM | Arrive at Bayview to check-in

5 PM | Group

6 PM | Dinner

7:30 PM | Student Demonstration

9 PM | Social Time 



Saturday & Sunday are intensive 12-hour days, focusing purely on your specialty. 

9:30 AM | Sitting in the Power

10 AM | Tutorial

11 AM | Refreshment Break

11:30 AM | Group

1PM | Lunch

2:30 PM | Group

4 PM | Refreshment Break

4:30 PM | Group

6 PM | Dinner

7:30 PM | Student Demonstrations or Private Sittings

9 PM | Social Time


The retreat doesn't finish until after lunch on Monday, and we will spend every moment we can focusing on your mediumship.



9AM | Group

10:30 AM | Refreshment Break

11 AM | Group

12 PM | Closing Ceremony


Bayview has an excellent reputation for the quality of their food.

All of your meals are included as part of the retreat.

Each day there will be two refreshment breaks. The drinks and snacks available during these times are included as part of the retreat. 

B R E A K F A S T 

Breakfast will be served in the Echo's Lounge between 8am and 9am each day. Please click here to see a sample breakfast menu

L U N C H 

Each day a full buffet lunch will be served in the Echo's Lounge between 12pm-1pm. Please click here to see a sample lunch menu. 



D I N N E R  

A full three-course dinner will be served in the Echo's Lounge each evening between 6pm to 7:30pm. Please click here to see a sample dinner menu. 

F A C I L I T I E S 

If you are flying to Toronto, and you do not feel comfortable making you own way to the retreat, then we will arrange a pick-up service to take you from the airport to Bayview. 

As check-in starts at 3:15pm, the bus will leave Toronto Pearson Airport at 1pm on Friday 21st June. We recommend that you arrive at the airport either the day before and stay the evening at an airport hotel, or make sure you flight lands Sunday morning to give yourself plenty of time to pass through customs and make the bus. 

The cost of the transportation will be split equally among the students using the service. If you require this service please just indicate this on the booking form that will be sent to you once you have secured your place on the retreat. 

T H E  V E N U E 

You have the option to book either a Single or Double occupancy room.

Due to Covid-19, shared rooms will only be available to those who are attending the retreat with a friend or loved one (someone they know and are comfortable sharing with).

We will not be putting people together in shared accommodation if they do not know each other. 

If you are travelling to the retreat by yourself then please select a single room occupancy. 




B O O K I N G  A  S H A R E D  R O O M 

For those who are booking double occupancy rooms, you can choose between a room equipped with a queen bed, or a Twin Room, which will have two queen beds. Please indicate which option you need when you receive the booking form after you have secured your place on the retreat.

The standard of accommodation at Bayview Wildwood Resort is excellent, and if you would like more details about the rooms please click here.


Bayview has been welcoming guests to Sparrow Lake since 1898, and is a resort that prides itself on the quality of its facilities and service. 

Bayview Wildwood Resort is a short 90-minute drive north of Toronto in the Muskoka area. It is just past Orillia off Highway 11.


The address is: Bayview Wildwood Resort, Muskoka Resorts Ontario, 1500 Port Stanton Parkway, Severn Bridge, P0E 1N0

On your breaks there will be the opportunity to enjoy the resort facilities and Sparrow Lake.

Rent a boat or canoe, take a swim, or sunbath on the private beach; here is a full list of the resort facilities:

BW Market Eat - Drink - Shop | Laundry Service | 24hr lounge providing coffee, tea, microwave, internet and television | Outdoor Recreation Center | Free Car Parking | Exercise Room |Games Room | Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool | Pool Towels | Nature Trails | Boat Rentals | Boat Cruises | Fishing Docks (Fishing Equipment is available at the waterfront) | Bicycles | Canoe and Paddle Boards | Tennis | Hiking Trails | Bocce Ball | Waterpark  Beach | Billiards

S E R V I C E 

P A Y M E N T 
I N  F U L L

O P T I O N 

This 3-night, 4-day, retreat is $1,350 CAD (approx $1,025 USD) plus tax for a single room, and $1,150 (approx $873 USD) plus tax for a twin room.


With this option $450 CAD is required to secure your place on the retreat. 

A payment of $450 CAD is due 28th February 2024

The balance is then due 1st May 2024

P A Y M E N T 
P L A N 

O P T I O N  T W O

R E G I S T R A T I O N 

This 3-night, 4-day, retreat is $1,350 CAD (approx $1,025 USD) plus tax for a single room, and $1,150 (approx $873 USD) plus tax for a twin room.

If you decide to pay-in-full you will also be invited to attend any  5-week online seminar that is on Andy's website, which is worth $230 CAD ($170 USD).

To see a list of online courses you can choose from please click here

P A Y M E N T 
P L A N 

O P T I O N  O N E

This 3-night, 4-day, retreat is $1,350 CAD (approx $1,025 USD) plus tax for a single room, and $1,150 (approx $873 USD) plus tax for a twin room.

With this option $450 CAD is required to secure your place on the retreat. 

The remainder of your balance will be spread across the amount of months left until the retreat begins. For instance, if you booked a twin room in November 2023 your payment would be $116.67 CAD each month between December and May 2024  . 

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