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M E S S A G E 


" If we do not understand who the messenger is then their message becomes redundant " - Andy Byng.

Mediums are often more concerned with ‘the message’ – why the spirit person has come – rather than the messenger – experiencing who the spirit person is. During this course, Andy will teach you that the message is interwoven within the various aspects of the spirit person’s life story that they are sharing during the communication itself. The message, therefore, is not something separate from the evidence, but intimately intertwined within it.


Through short-talks and practical exercises, Andy will teach you how to convey the actual message the spirit person wants to share with their loved one. When we open our minds to the intelligence that we are working with in the spirit world, and once we understand how to unfold the message from the evidence itself, we will find that the messages we convey will be more meaningful, poignant and transformational.


During the course, Andy will help you to develop several different aspects of your mediumship that are needed to convey more accurate and meaningful messages from the spirit world.



Session 1 | 3 May 2022 | An Overview

Session 2 | 10 May 2022 | Developing the Story Pt. 1

Session 3 | 17 May 2022 | Developing the Story Pt. 2

Session 4 | 24 May 2022 | Using Symbology in the Message

Session 5 | 31st May 2022 | Unfolding the Message


Each session will last for two-hours, and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session. The time of each session will be 7 - 9 PM (UK Time).


Each session will be recorded, so every talk and Question and Answer Session can be viewed after the session. For those who can't make the session, you will be able to arrange to practise the exercise in your own time via the dedicated Facebook group.

P R I C E | £149 GBP 


Please note that this course is run by the Spiritualist Society of Burlington. To Register for the course you will be redirected to their Spirit Events website, where payment can be made.  

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