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T H E  A W A K E N E D  M E D I U M 

 4 - W E E K

O N L I N E  C O U R S E .

" The Awakened Medium has not only experienced the power of the spirit, but has a deep understanding of the nature of the power they are working with, and the nature of the mediumistic expression itself." - Andy Byng

Join Andy on this new four-week online course, which comprises of a series of short-talks that will help you to understand the nature of the spirit and mediumship. 



A Modern God for a Modern World: Exploring the Relationship Between the Spirit, the Soul and the Physical Body.


During this talk Andy will discuss the relationship between the Spirit and the Soul. By drawing on Western theological and philosophical teachings, Andy will help you to understand how the Spiritualist ideas of The Spirit and The Soul are different from those of the Abrahamic faiths – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – and how they provide a refreshing and modern perspective on our relationship with the divine. 


The aim of this lecture is to elucidate the difference between The Spirit and The Soul, and to understand the relationship between The Spirit, The Soul and your physical life and expression. Having a clear understanding of these concepts is fundamental to your mediumistic unfoldment, as mediumship is essentially soul-to-soul communication.  Understanding the concept of the soul is thus a fundamental part of your mediumistic education. 



The Medium and the Desert: the Spiritual Journey of a Medium.


Each medium has to embark on a personal spiritual journey if they are to truly become a medium. Andy will look at different aspects of this journey, and the common emotions and states of mind that students encounter during their development. During the talk Andy will be offering advice on how to deal with these personal aspects of the mediumistic journey, and how the way we react to them can either hinder or aid the unfoldment of our mediumship.  



Mediumship as a Mystical Experience


During this lecture, Andy will draw on the work of the nineteenth-century psychologist and philosopher William James to help you understand the term mysticism, and to explore how mediumship can rightly be defined as a mystical experience. 


Once one considers mediumship in this way it has profound implications on the ways in which we work with the spirit world, as well as shedding new light on the way your mediumship works.  Andy will outline what these implications are to help you work with you mediumship differently, which will lead to more natural and richer communications with the spirit world. 

Many are Called, Few are Chosen: Fulfilling the Potential of the Soul.

The basis of this lecture will be Andy’s reinterpretation of Jesus’ Parable of The Wedding, as outlined in the book of Matthew. This Parable provides a good foundation on which we can rest our understanding of the idea of Spiritual potential. Building on from this, Andy will look at the idea of destiny, and will help you to understand how we can move towards fulfilling our own spiritual purpose in this life. The second half of the talk will look at these ideas from the perspective of the medium, and help you to understand how your mediumistic gifts can help others in the fulfilment of their own spiritual destiny. 


Each session will last for 90 minutes, and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session. The time of each session will be 7 - 830PM (UK Time).

Each session will be recorded, so every talk and Question and Answer Session can be viewed after the session.  

Dates (all in 2020):

March 23rd 

March 30th

April 6th

April 20th


Cost: £80 (GBP)