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S I T T I N G  I N  T H E  P O W E R : 

A  4-W E E K

O N L I N E  M E D I T A T I O N  C O U R S E

"While it is possible to develop mediumship without meditation, I do not believe that a medium can fulfil their potential without mastering it."  - Andy Byng

Meditation should be a central component to everybody's mediumistic development, but it is often an aspect that is severly overlooked. While there are many different meditations for relaxation,  for mindfulness and for creating a sense of inner peace, there are very few that are good for mediumistic development. Sitting in the Power is a fantastic meditation for mediumistic development, as Andy says:

" Sitting in the Power is a meditation that I have been practising for 17 years. It has formed the foundation of my spiritual and mediumistic development."

One of the main difficulties that people face in the beginning is creating a habit that allows the practice of meditation to become a part of their daily lives. It is this difficulty that has inspired Andy to create this 4 - week online course.

Andy will breakdown each part of the meditation for you, and provide you with specific experiences that will help you to focus and become competent with each aspect:

Each Tutorial will consist of:

30 - 40 minute talk

30 minute meditation/exercise

20 - 30 minute Q & A

Each meditation will be recorded, and students will have access to the recording until the next session so that they can practice the exercise each day. If you are unable to make a session then you will still have access to the recordings so that you can continue with your practice.

c o u r s e  s t r u c t u r e

Week One: An Introduction to Sitting in the Power

Week Two: The Stillness Within

Week Three: Building a Relationship with Your Soul

Week Four: Building a Relationship with the Spirit World


c o s t : £80 GBP 

d a t e s :


14th Feb 2022

21st Feb 2022

1st March  2022

8th March  2022

t i m e :

7pm // UK

11am // Los Angeles

2pm // New York

8pm // Central Europe

These are the start times of the classes depending on what country you live in. If you live in a different country just check the time difference between the UK and the country you live in. The classroom will be open 30 minutes before the beginning of the class.

Please note that this course is run by the Spiritualist Society of Burlington. To Register for the course you will be redirected to their Spirit Events website, where payment can be made.