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Andy Byng - Spiritual Medium


"We are all born with a purpose. By connecting to the spirit world the medium is able to draw on their influence and wisdom in order to illuminate this purpose and throw light on the course of an individual's spiritual unfoldment."

"Indeed, The medium can touch the soul, become aware of your friends and loved ones who have passed away and can be the bridge between your reality, your potential and your destiny."

 - Andy Byng

Usually, during a private sitting, Andy will use both the psychic and mediumistic level in order to meet your needs. However, depending on what your needs are, sometimes a sitting may be wholly mediumistic or wholly psychic.


When Andy is working on the mediumistic level, he will communicate with your loved ones who have passed away. During the sitting, Andy will provide you with information that tells the life story, or part of the life story, of your people in the spirit world, which you will be able to validate. Often your loved ones will have a message that they will want to impart to help you with the issues and situations you are going through. If this is the case, Andy will communicate this to you.

Please note that Andy cannot guarantee that specific people from the spirit world will communicate during a sitting. Usually, it will be the person in the spirit world who can best help you with your current situation who will come. So long as you understand the information that Andy is communicating to you, he asks that you keep an open mind and work with him so that you can have the best sitting possible.   


The psychic level places emphasis on you and your life. Andy will become aware of what has happened to you in the past, and what is going on in your life now. This will allow Andy to understand your soul’s qualities, and how those qualities may be expressed in the future so that you can fill your potential, overcome the obstacles that you are currently facing, and live more meaningful and full life.


The psychic level is about touching the needs of your soul, and helping you to live a life that is in keeping with your soul’s true expression. 



This is a particular type of sitting that is geared towards those who are developing their mediumship or a particular spiritual gift. Andy will give you a rounded assessment of your development: the obstacles that may be hindering your unfoldment and the positive attributes you have already developed that need to be maintained or deepened. Sometimes, Andy will have to look at what is going on in your physical life, as this can have an impact on your development. Similarly, there may be occasions where the spirit world will also want to offer advice concerning your spiritual development; if this is the case this will also be covered during the sitting.  


For those living in Canada, please schedule online and in-person sittings through the Spiritualist Society of Burlington. E-mail: 

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