Blindfolded Demonstration - Video Extract

I always try to demonstrate what I teach during a seminar. This week, as part of the German mentorship programme, I took part in a public demonstration at Stafford Spiritualist Church. I had been teaching all week to surrender to the communicator, to trust the information that was received, and to go outside of one’s comfort zone: to be fearless. To show this I demonstrated a little differently to the 50 odd people who were present.

I decided to do the demonstration blind-folded so that I could not see the audience. I also asked the recipients to just nod or shake their heads to indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ so that I could not hear their voices either. The translator (the demonstration was translated into German as there were German students present) then said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on behalf of the recipients, which you will hear on the recording. Finally, after I explained to the audience what I was going to do, and had put the blindfold on, I then asked everybody in the audience to change seats so I did not know who was sitting where, and for each contact I allowed the spirit communicator to direct me to the person in the audience they wanted to speak to.

The reason I did all of this is so that a sceptic could not use the usual explanations to explain the phenomena. As I asked every member of the audience to move seats and then went direct to each recipient in the room, it would be useless having plants in the audience, as I could not tell where they would be sitting. Secondly, cold reading could not explain the phenomena, as I could neither see nor hear the recipient; and finally, hot reading would have also been rendered useless, as again I asked the audience to change seats after I was blindfolded, and I went direct to each recipient for each contact, so having pre-known information wouldn’t have helped me.

I think it is important to push the boundaries of our mediumship, and as a tutor of mediumship I think it is important to be willing to publicly demonstrate what I teach, not only to inspire, but also to show that I am willing to do what I expect students to do.

Below is a short clip of the demonstration, which was taken by one of the audience members, who kindly sent it to me. I really enjoyed the experience, and thoroughly enjoyed the German students and the seminar.

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