New Course: Colour & The Soul.

C O L O U R & T H E S O U L

4-W E E K O N L I N E C O U R S E .

"To understand the colours that are present within a person's aura, is to understand the very nature of their soul: its core qualities, its potentialities and its essence." - Andy Byng

Colour is an often-overlooked aspect of mediumistic and psychic communication, and yet the colours that we are becoming aware of provide a unique insight into the qualities and nature of a person’s soul.

The colours that we become aware of within a person’s aura denote the particular qualities that are present within their soul. As these qualities originate from that universal power which is the source of all life and is thus present within everybody, the general meaning of each colour is the same in each of us.

To understand an individual’s soul we not only have to sense if the colour is in its negative or positive aspect, but we also have to understand, through our intuition, how the different colours present within a person’s soul interact with each other. By understanding the nature of, and the relationship between, each colour, we are then able to accurately recount the life story of an individual’s soul from the moment of their birth to the present day.

In essence, through working with colour, the psychic is able to provide people with a unique insight into the nature of their soul. This puts the psychic in a privileged position, as they are able to offer guidance that encourages clients to realise their potential and to express themselves in the most natural way possible, which leads to a richer, and more meaningful, life.

During the course of this online seminar, Andy will cover the basic elements of colour. You will understand the general meaning of each colour, and the fundamentals of assessing how the different colours within an individual’s soul are interacting with each other.

Each session will last for two-hours, and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session. The time of each session will be 7 - 9 PM (UK Time). Each session will be recorded, so every talk and Question and Answer Session can be viewed after the session. For those who can't make the session, you will be able to arrange to practise the exercise in your own time via the dedicated Facebook group.

Dates (all in 2018): 2nd May 22nd May 9th June 19th June Cost: £149


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