A New Year A New You: An Exciting Course, and a Free Download


We are coming to that time a year again where we begin to look ahead into the New Year, and begin to stake stock of the year we have just had. It's a time of setting new goals, assessing which aspects of our self and our life are making us happy, and which aspects we need to change and develop further. Perhaps this is why December can feel the loneliest time of the year, as we naturally seek solitude to begin to reflect upon and make decision for ourselves.

In January, I will be organising an exciting four-day course at the Arthur Findlay College, entitled A New Year, A New You. The process of self-development is essential for your mediumistic and personal unfoldment. Discovering for yourself the qualities and potentials of your soul will help you to build confidence and give you direction in your life, as it enables you to find an expression that is in harmony with what your soul is yearning for. Furthermore, by reflecting, understanding, and articulating the experiences that you have gone through, and the emotions that you feel, you can aid the process of self-healing, which inevitably leads to a deeper and richer mediumistic expression.

The great mediums of the past and present all spiritualised their mediumship: to understand and express the emotions of another soul, they first understood and expressed their own. Become a part of that tradition: understand your soul first, and become more comfortable in your own skin and expression, which will pave the way for a deeper and richer relationship with the spirit world.

Every student will focus on the subject of self-development through the daily meditation, short-talk and tutorial. However, you can choose your group, which will determine what you will focus on during the group sessions.

One group will be focused on personal development. This group is not just suitable for mediums, it is ideal for anybody who is seeking to lead a life that is more in harmony with their soul’s expression, and who are open to the process of self-discovery, self-reflection and self-healing. It is ideal for those who want to be more comfortable in their own skin, and want to find the most natural expression of their soul so that they can enhance every aspect of their life.In a safe and encouraging environment, through practical exercises, talks and discussion groups, your tutor will provide you with the tools that can aide your journey of self-discovery. Your tutor will encourage you to experience the reality of your own soul, to help you to discover its purpose, and to help you set attainable goals to work towards during the year. As the soul communicates with your conscious mind through the emotions, we will also help you to understand and articulate those emotions so that you can better understand yourself.

The second group will focus on teaching you how to give Spiritual Assessments to other people. The role of the medium, in the private sitting situation, is to encourage personal development and growth in others. The Spiritual Assessment group will be dedicated to developing your ability to deliver spiritual assessments properly to other people through psychic and mediumistic exercises. You will explore the following:

Identify the need(s) of your sitter

Identifying and understanding the spiritual qualities and potentials of your sitter, through both practical and emotional evidence.

How to work with clairvoyant pictures to deepen your evidence, and to give you practical information pertaining to your recipient’s personal circumstances.

The spirit world’s role during the Spiritual Assessment

Colour and the Aura

Every student, over the duration of the course, will be taught different aspects of self-development, through the daily meditation, short-talk and tutorial.If you know, or feel, you need to focus on yourself then a personal development group is right for you. If you have already done a lot of work on yourself, and now feel that you are in the right place to focus on inspiring others with their own personal development, then the spiritual assessment group will be ideal.Whatever group you decide on, please let us know on booking the course.This intensive course will provide you with the opportunity for self-discovery. Grasp it with both hands, and let the New Year, and our team of tutors, inspire you to develop a New You.

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