Is There Science Behind Psychic Abilities?

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Can Mediumship Be Scientifically Tested?

Contacting the dead has been a human fascination since the beginning of time. Aboriginal cave paintings found in Australia dating back tens of thousands of years ago that depict mythical creatures, ancient songlines, spirits and the afterlife. Since the 1800s, when mediumship reached a sort of fervour in England, questions about the legitimacy of contacting the spirit world abound.

Even Nobel laureate and famous scientist Pierre Curie investigated medium Eusapia Palladino - an Italian medium, who lived and worked during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Eusapia produced phenomena like rappings, table elevations, and ectoplasmic materialisations. Scientists across Europe studied Eusapia extensively, due to the strength, variety, and reliability of her demonstrations. While many consider her a cheat, there are also many credible investigators who became convinced of the genuineness of the effects.

The Real Question

There are those who religiously oppose any possibilities of psychic or medium abilities, and there are those who believe utterly. As fraud mounts, it behoves sceptics and believers alike themselves to ask honestly: can scientific experiments adequately test mediumship? In fact, it’s a problem worth considering. If mediumship is not, in fact, magic or supernatural, it must operate by natural laws. However, are we sure our knowledge of natural laws is broad enough to fully understand the spiritual realm?

Reputable mediums are, themselves, often presented with carefully controlled “tests” designed to prove or disprove their abilities. But can a spiritual presence thrive in such a controlled environment? Many say no.

However, newly released classified documents indicate even sceptics at the highest level - British, Israeli, as well as the American intelligence--might have found cause to believe. After conducting a series of experiments with famous psychic Uri Geller in the 70’s, the CIA concluded that Geller did, in fact, exhibit proof of psychic capabilities.

Challenges to Mediumship

Critics are hardly ready to concede defeat. For years, the James Randi Educational Foundation offered a huge monetary reward for anyone who could demonstrate paranormal powers under controlled conditions. The challenge was terminated in 2015 without a winner, with challengers citing the mysterious nature of spiritualism and the difficulty of connecting to the spirit world under such rigorous, unnatural conditions.

With so many challenges, can mediumship stand up to the rigours of scientific inquiry? Ultimately, what many fail to understand, is that before science can prove or disprove mediumship our scientific, theological, and philosophical knowledge must grow. Not until our knowledge of natural laws grows and evolves will we fully understand the spiritual world.

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