The Difficulties of Learning Mediumship

It has been a very hectic week, as I have been in four different countries over the last 7 days. After coming back from Norway, I briefly came back to the UK before I left for Switzerland to work with a regular group of students that I have been teaching for around four years. Many students do not realise this, but one of the biggest obstacles to their development is not their mediumship, but rather their ability to assimilate the teaching, which leads to changes in the way they work with the spirit world and the evidence that they receive. In Switzerland, for instance, over the last four years I have had to re-emphasise many of the same points over and over again. Although students understand what you're teaching, and seem to take it on board, often they quickly revert back to their old habits. This can be frustrating, and is the reason why regular, progressive training is really required if you are serious about the development of your mediumship. The Swiss students are now just beginning to assimilate my teachings, and their mediumship is changing as a result: we are now seeing the fruits of our labour.

It is always the most rewarding part of teaching: watching people grow, and their mediumship come alive and evolve. It always makes me smile when students say, 'I've heard you say that 100 times before, but now I realise I haven't been doing it, and I now completely understand.' Mediumship is one of the hardest things to teach because more often than not the experience transcends language. There are certain aspects that you can't teach. For instance, when you say to a student, 'you need to surrender to the power', although you can explain what you mean by this - you can explain the concept - you can't adequately explain how the experience feels or exactly what they have to do, as the experience cannot be completely translated into words. Consequently, the student must experience it for themselves to fully understand. All the tutor can do is provide the opportunity for a student to have an experience; however, it is only the student who can allow themselves to experience it. It is similar to that old proverb ' you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.'

The students willingness to experience, to change, to transform and to trust, will dictate the length of their development, and the nature of the difficulties that they will face along the way. Some students say they are willing, but then during the exercises do not demonstrate their willingness. Indeed, it is the students willingness to demonstrate their willingness - to actually do it - that makes the difference.

The students in Switzerland are now beginning to see this for themselves, and as they have begun to be more willing to transform themselves and express their mediumship, their confidence has grown, and so their willingness to transform and express will naturally increase. It was a very enjoyable seminar, as was the Italian Week at Paul Jacob's House of spirit, which followed directly after the Switzerland seminar.

In a couple of weeks I will be releasing a new free to download article on the difficulties that students face within their mediumship. Hope you enjoy!

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