Sitting in the Power: Online Meditation Course

"While it is possible to develop mediumship without meditation, I do not believe that a medium can fulfil their potential without mastering it." - Andy Byng

Meditation should be a central component to everybody's mediumistic development, but it is often an aspect that is severly overlooked. While there are many different meditations for relaxation, for mindfulness and for creating a sense of inner peace, there are very few that are good for mediumistic development. Sitting in the Power is a fantastic meditation for mediumistic development, as Andy says:

" Sitting in the Power is a meditation that I have been practising for 14 years. It has formed the foundation of my spiritual and mediumistic development."

One of the main difficulties that people face in the beginning is creating a habit that allows the practice of meditation to become a part of their daily lives. It is this difficulty that has inspired me to create these two 4- week online courses that can be taken together, or individually. However, students must have completed part one to take part two.

For full details of the course just click on the image below.

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