Meditation and Mediumship Development (Free Download)

Meditation has always been a central component of my mediumistic development. Before I did any practical exercises, or attended any seminars, workshops or development circles, on mediumship, I meditated one hour each day for two years.

Looking back this period of meditation, and practising a meditation we call 'Sitting in the Power', created a solid foundation on which my mediumship could rest. I have always emphasised the importance of meditation in mediumistic development, and have urged my students to make it a part of their daily lives, in the same way that I have.

I have written a short article, which is free to download, entitled ' Sitting in the Power: Meditation and the Development of Mediumship.'

This article builds on from my previous articles, ' The Power of the Story' and ' Me, Myself and I'.

The article outlines the importance of meditation for the development of mediumship, and offers some tips on how to get the most out of your meditation. The article is free to download just press on the link above or the image below.

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