German Mentorship Programme (Spiritual Development)

It has been a fantastic week working with the German Students at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford. This is our second week together, and you can tell as the group have really become a group this week. The students had to demonstrate at Longton Spiritualist Church on Wednesday, and so we spent three full days learning how to go direct to recipients in the audience. The great thing about the mentorship is that we have the time to go into lots of depth. The benefit of this type of training was evident on Wednesday evening at the demonstration. Every student went direct to their recipient and established their contacts quickly, and I have to admit I was really proud of each of them. 

As a tutor, I do not place importance on how well a student does within a communication, as I know that will develop naturally with time, patience and experience. What I do really care about, however, is that the students are putting into practise what they have been taught, and that they are actually assimilating the teaching and allowing it to become a natural part of their mediumship. When students do this their mediumship changes and evolves, and with the correct training are able to move closer towards achieving their spiritual potential. 

The students this week did just that, and you could see the difference in their mediumship and at the demonstration so well done all! After the demonstration we went through what went well, and the areas that needed to be developed. From the demonstration it was evident that the students needed to focus on developing practical information within their contacts, and so that is what we spent the rest of the week developing. By constructivly criticising our work as mediums we are able to identify the areas that we need to focus on, which gives our development direction. 

It was an intense week, but you were able to 

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