SNU Mentorship Programme with Andy Byng

The Benefits of Progressive Training

For those students who are serious about their mediumistic development, progressive training can be very beneficial. As progressive groups contain the same students for a fixed period of time (usually 1-3 years), the tutor can move the whole group forward together, rather than having to go back to the beginning every time a new student joins the group.

The progressive group thus allows the tutor to get to know each student as an individual, which allows them to provide more tailored tuition that focuses on the particular needs of each student. Also, it allows the tutor to deliver a deeper and more progressive program of teaching: the student really gets to understand and embed their tutor’s teachings. This undoubtedly has a real impact on the student’s development.

SNU English Speaking Mentorship Programme

For 2018-2019 I have been invited by the SNU to tutor a group of students on their mentorship programme. The programme will be English speaking (I currently offer a German speaking mentorship for the SNU) and the group will be limited so that I can personally support and get to know each student as an individual.

CSNU Assessment

After the 2-year programme students will be eligible to be assessed for their CSNU in speaking a demonstrating. This is an internationally recognised award, issued by the SNU. Students can choose to be assessed for the CSNU after the two year programme, or defer assessment to a later date.

Public Demonstrations in Spiritualist Churches

The focus of the tuition will be on demonstrating mediumship and public speaking, and during each week of training I will organise several public demonstrations, at Spiritualist churches in the West Midlands, so that students can gain experience in the real situation.

30 Days of Practical Training

Each year will consist of 3 x 5 day seminars (30 days over two years). Each seminar will be intensive, and will focus on all of the aspects of the demonstration and public speaking. I will ensure that you are pushed out of your comfort zone, and that honest, constructive feedback is given throughout the seminar itself.

The seminar will be delivered at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford, and the dates of the seminars are:

12th – 16th March 2018

23rd – 27th July 2018

12th – 16th November 2018

11th – 15th March 2019

22nd – 26th July 2019

11th – 15th November 2019

Contract of Study and Individual Membership

Students who are not individual members of the union will be required to join within the first year of joining the scheme (between 12th March 2018 and 11th March 2019).

Each student is required to enter into a contract of study to demonstrate your commitment to the 2-year programme. This will be issued to you before you pay your booking deposit.


The cost of the programme is £1,900 and a deposit of £285 (non-refundable) is needed on booking to secure your place. A payment plan is available to spread the remainder of the cost over the two-year programme.


The cost of the course includes lunch, daily refreshments, and your daily transfers from your hotel to the centre. If you are travelling from overseas a shuttle service can also be arranged from the airport to your hotel.

The cost of the course does not include accommodation. There are two Premier Inn hotels within a 5-minute drive of the centre, and these are affordable. The Barbanell Centre will give you an accommodation list on booking.

To Book or for Further Information

Tel: 01785 615 513


This is an amazing opportunity to make a big difference to your development, and I really look forward to working with you, and supporting you, throughout the programme.

Or Click the image below to be taken to the Barbanell Website for contact details:

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