Free Webinar: Personal Development and Mediumship. Sunday 9th April 2017 8-9PM (GMT)

As time has gone on I have placed more and more importance on personal development, and emphasised it within my teaching. I would now go as far as saying that it is not only one of the single most important ingredients in mediumistic development, but that it is also, sadly, an area that is often overlooked by practitioners of mediumship.

I place such importance on the personal spiritual journey that every medium has to embark upon that I dedicated the first week I was asked to organise at the Arthur Finlay College, A New Year a New You, to this very subject.

On Sunday 9th April 2017 from 8PM-9PM I will be holding a free webinar about this subject. By reflecting upon my own development, my experiences of teaching students, and my research into the philosophy of mediumship, I will attempt to provide an overview to help students, and those interested in mediumship and personal growth, to understand the importance of self-development and how and why dedicating oneself to personal growth will enhance the mediumistic expression.

I will also spend a small amount of time explaining how this has helped to shape the 16 month Complete Mediumship Training programme that I will be offering from August 2017.

If you are interested in attending this free webinar then please click here, or the image below, to sign up. Once you register your interest we will then send you a link to the online classroom so that you can take part.

I really look forward to seeing you there!

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