The Lancashire Experience

After completing the German mentorship programme at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford, I drove up to Lancashire to spend a week with a good friend of mine, and colleague, Philip Dykes. Today we spent the day teaching a great group of students at a beautiful old school in Langho, helping the students to deepen their evidence and to surrender to the power of the spirit. I'm looking forward to continue the work with Phil tomorrow, and its great to work with him on the weekend; always very supportive, great company, and a great tutor.

This evening I was invited to demonstrate at Darwen Spiritualist Church. A massive thank you to the committee, and everybody who attended the demonstration this evening at Darwen. It was my first time at the church, and it's great to see such a vibrant community at work. The President of the church is a young spiritualist, who you can see is working tirelessly, along with the committee, to make Darwen what it is, and long may it continue.

I really enjoyed the demonstration tonight, and was humbled by both the warmth and friendliness of everybody. It was a pleasure to serve, and so a big thank you to both the seen and unseen world, for allowing me to be part of it all. Until next time.