Andy Byng - Spiritual Medium


"The faculty of Mediumship is a natural expression of the soul and it is for this reason that true mediums are born and not made. We must first go through a period of self awareness, so that we can understand for ourselves what the true expression of our soul is. Once we know that being a Medium is part of our life’s purpose, we are then ready to begin learning our art."

"It is important to me that we produce rounded mediums. Many students just want to learn through practical exercises, but experience has taught me that it is those students who have a depth of knowledge and understanding that go on to become good mediums"

 - Andy Byng

Andy runs one day, weekend and week-long seminars, alongside regular development classes, in different parts of the world. A mixture of practical exercises and short talks are offered to give students a well-rounded education. Groups are kept to a maximum size of twelve wherever possible, to ensure that one-to-one tuition is received.

Andy has studied the art of mediumship for nearly half of his life, and has undertaken in-depth research into Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, and Nineteenth-Century British History at university level. During 2016, Andy passed his Master's degree in Nineteenth-Century British History with Distinction at the prestigious University of London, and is currently carrying out doctoral research into spiritualism and its related phenomena. Andy passionately shares both his experience in demonstrating mediumship, and the knowledge he has gathered through his studies, with his students. 

Andy has a very down to earth, honest and rational approach to teaching, and always wants the best for his students. Although his seminars and classes are intensive and hard work, Andy strives to create a supportive environment in which students can explore their gifts, grow in confidence and begin to understand the true nature of who they are. Details of the seminars are contained on the diary page. If you are interested in attending the regular development classes please contact Andy directly.