YEAR 1            

P R O G R E S S I V E  G R O U P

O N L I N E  Y E A R  1

"A progressive group enables the tutor to get to know the student as an individual, while providing the student with the time to absorb properly the teaching. Both of these things are essential ingredients in developing mediumship. "  - Andy Byng


For those students who are serious about their mediumistic development, progressive training can be very beneficial. As progressive groups contain the same students for a fixed period of time, the tutor can move the whole group forward together, rather than having to go back to the beginning every time a new student joins the group.


The progressive group thus enables the tutor to get to know each student as an individual, which allows for a more tailored tuition that focuses on the particular needs of each student. Also, it allows the tutor to deliver a deeper and more progressive program of teaching: the student really gets to understand and embed their tutor’s teachings, which undoubtedly has a real positive impact on the student’s development.


Andy is establishing an online progressive group, and students who sign up to the course are committing to the following training. For the best results the group has to move forward together, and missing training will hold back both the individual student, and thus the group as a whole. 




O N L I N E  S e m i n a r s //


Using the most up-to-date technology, our seminars are streamed live via our online platform. Not only will students be able to follow the tuition in real-time, but they will also be able to take part in the exercises with the other online students in real-time too. Online students will be assigned a breakout room on the online platform. This is a private room where students can work with their recipient and carry out the exercises. Students will be able to see and hear their recipients while they work.


This is an immersive, interactive seminar that allows you to be part of the weekend seminar from the comfort of your own home. The tuition will take place over five  2- day intensive practical seminars. The dates of these seminars are:


March          21st - 22nd  

July              25th - 26th    

Sept            12th - 13th 

Nov            28th - 29th

Dec             19th - 20th 


1 0  O n l i n e  c l a s s e s //


Andy will deliver 8 online tutorials over the course of the 12-month programme. Each tutorial will be 90 minutes in duration, and will cover various aspects of mediumistic training. For the tutorials the in-person and online students will come together. These Tutorials will be as follows:

Jan 14th        Sitting in the Power

Feb 18th       The Personal Spiritual Journey

March 13th   The Power of the Story

April 14th      The Emotion Facet of the Clairsentience

May 19th      The Visual Facet of the Clairsentience

June 16th       Dealing with No

July 14th        Unfolding the Story

Sept 15th       The Message

You will also be invited to 2 intensive practical sessions. Andy will be taking these sessions online sessions that are 4 hours in duration, and will consist of online practical exercises, and feedback given by Andy.


The tutorials will be recorded, and you will be able to view them after the session so that you can fully absorb the material, and use them for reference throughout the training programme.



M o n t h l y  P r a c t i s e  C i r c l e s //


Twice a month there will be a practise circle that will be open to every student that Andy is teaching during the year, from different countries around the world. Often students have difficulty in finding people to practise with. With over 100 students having access to this facility, the practise circles are a great way to find new people to work with.


The practise circles give you the flexibility to practise any of the exercises that Andy has taught you that you feel you need to do at that particular time to further develop your mediumship. No tuition or feedback will be given at these circles, except any feedback your recipient gives you. Andy will assign an experienced tutor to facilitate this group.

D E D I C A T E D  F A C E B O O K  G R O U P  //


There will be a dedicated Facebook group for the online year 1 group. This is a great way to communicate with Andy, ask any questions, be kept up-to-date with everything, and share and create a close knit community. 


M O N T H L Y  H O M E W O R K  A S S I G N M E N T S  //


Each month Andy will set you a homework assignment which can be completed in the online practise circles. This is designed to give you exercises that if practised regularly will help you to master the various aspects of the teaching programme.  



A  F R E E  S P E C I A L I T Y  O N L I N E  C O U R S E  //


In 2020 Andy will be taking three 4-week online speciality courses. As a member of the Online Progressive Group, you are able to join one of these courses free of a charge.


S p i r i t u a l  A s s e s s m e n t //


You will have an appointment with Andy during the progressive year, where he will conduct a spiritual assessment for you. By looking at the qualities and needs of your soul, Andy can provide you with guidance at the beginning of the programme to help you understand what you need to focus on during the training programme. 

C e r t i f i c a t e  o f  C o m p l e t i o n //


Andy will issue you with a certificate of completion at the end of the second seminar, to officially celebrate the end of the programme and to mark your achievements during the year.



C o s t //


The cost of the programme is $2,295 for payment in full or $2,495 for payment plan. A deposit of $450 is required to secure your place.


Full Payment: the balance of $1,845 is due at 31st December 2019


Payment Plan: $845 is due now and we will invoice you monthly approximately $165/month US beginning in Jan.

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