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4 - D A Y  R E S I D E N T I A L  


M E D I U M S H I P  R E T R E A T 

 J U N E  2 1 - 2 4  2022

W I T H  A N D Y  B Y N G 

J O H N  J O H N S O N 


Bayview has an excellent reputation for the quality of their food.

All of your meals are included as part of the retreat.

We ask that you do not consume alcohol until after we finish our final session at 9:30pm. Each evening the bar will be open until 1 am, and we will be using this time to socialise and relax together. Alcoholic drinks, and any drinks purchased from the bar, are not included as part of the retreat and will need to be purchased separately. 

Each day there will be two refreshment breaks. The drinks and snacks available during these times are included as part of the retreat. 

B R E A K F A S T 

Breakfast will be served in the Echo's Lounge between 8am and 9am each day. Please click here to see a sample breakfast menu

L U N C H 

Bayview will prepare you a takeout lunch so that you can eat it anywhere in the resort, or take it with you if you decide to go for a hike, or spending time at the beach. This will allow you to maximise your free time to do the activities you wish to do in the afternoon. Lunches will be available to pick-up between 12 - 3pm each day. Please click here to see a sample lunch menu. 



D I N N E R  

A three-course dinner will be served in the Echo's Lounge each evening between 6pm to 7:30pm. Please click here to see a sample dinner menu. 

T H E  R E S O R T 

Bayview has been welcoming guests to Sparrow Lake since 1898, and is a resort that prides itself on the quality of its facilities and service. 

Bayview Wildwood Resort is a short 90-minute drive north of Toronto in the Muskoka area. It is just past Orillia off Highway 11.


The address is: Bayview Wildwood Resort, Muskoka Resorts Ontario, 1500 Port Stanton Parkway, Severn Bridge, P0E 1N0



R E S O R T  F A C I L I T I E S

Between 12pm and 3:30pm on Wednesday and Thursday of the retreat, there will be the opportunity to enjoy the resort facilities and Sparrow Lake.

Rent a boat or canoe, take a swim, or sunbath on the private beach; here is a full list of the resort facilities:

BW Market Eat - Drink - Shop

Laundry Service

24hr lounge providing coffee, tea, microwave, internet and television

Outdoor Recreation Center

Free Car Parking

Exercise Room

Games Room

Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool

Pool Towels

Nature Trails

Boat Rentals

Boat Cruises

Fishing Docks (Fishing Equipment is available at the waterfront)


Canoe and Paddle Boards


Hiking Trails

Bocce Ball




T R A N S P O R T A T I O N  S E R V I C E 

If you are flying to Toronto, and you do not feel comfortable making you own way to the retreat, then we will arrange a pick-up service to take you from the airport to Bayview. 

As the retreat starts at 12pm, the bus will leave Toronto Pearson Airport at 9am on Tuesday 21st June. We recommend that you arrive at the airport either the day before and stay the evening at an airport hotel, or make sure you flight lands early on Tuesday morning to give yourself plenty of time to pass through customs and make the bus. 

The cost of the transportation will be split equally among the students using the service. If you require this service please just indicate this on the booking form that will be sent to you once you have secured your place on the retreat. 


T H E  M U S K O K A  
E X P E R I E N C E 

T H E  W A Y  O F  T H E  S P I R I T 

Join Andy Byng and John Johnson on an intensive, 4-day residential mediumship retreat at the lakeside resort Bayview Wildwood, on Sparrow Lake, Muskoka, Southern Ontario. 

Andy and John are both Course Organisers at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College, in the UK, and have worked alongside one another since 2004. While Andy and John teach from the same foundation, each add their own emphasis and individuality to their work. This retreat is a fantastic opportunity to come together, and learn from both Andy and John over the course of the 4-days against the majestic backdrop of Muskoka and Sparrow Lake.  

T H E  T R A I N I N G 

At the beginning of the retreat, your tutors will split you into two groups based on your level of experience. This will ensure that you will receive training that is relevant to your level of experience, allowing your tutors to push the boundaries of your mediumship. 

There is a limited number of places available on this retreat. There will be a maximum of 16 students in each of the two groups so that you receive individual attention over the course of the retreat. 

Your 4-days of training will be split evenly between working with Andy and John so that you can experience both of their teachings.

The sessions will focus on your mediumistic expression: working with your sensitivity to enable you to meet the need of the spirit communicator. 

Quite often mediums try to demand or control what kind of information they communicate on behalf of the Spirit World. This retreat will place emphasis on the medium surrendering to the power of the spirit, and allowing the spirit communicator to determine what information they need to communicate, and how they need to communicate it. In this sense, rather than trying to lead way, the medium allows themselves to follow The Way of the Spirit, which leads to more natural, emotional and evidentially accurate communications from the Spirit World. 

Andy and John will help you to unlock and make sense of the clairvoyant pictures and clairsentient feelings you become aware of, which will help you to deliver more accurate and practical information, but also help you to work with the essence of the communicator. 

If you are seeking to bring forward the emotion and presence of the communicator in your work; if you are wanting to go back to, or find, the naturalness of your mediumship; and if you are wanting to build a closer relationship and blending with your spirit communicator, then this course will help you to achieve this. 

Andy and John will deliver a practical and intense programme during the retreat to make sure that you get the most out of our time together. 

T H E  P R O G R A M M E

The retreat will commence at 12pm on Tuesday 21st June. After an introduction, the remainder of the day will be spent in your groups focussing on your mediumistic development. 

On the evening, at 9pm, Andy and John will host a campfire, where we can socialise and begin to get to know each other. 

12 PM to 12:45 PM | INTRODUCTION


1:15 PM to 2:45 PM | GROUP WORK


3:15 PM to 4:45 PM | GROUP WORK


5:15 PM to 6:30 PM | GROUP WORK

6:30PM to 8 PM | DINNER



T U E S D A Y 

W E D N E S D A Y  &  T H U R S D A Y 

Training will take place from 9am until 12pm, and then again from 3:30pm until 9:30pm. There will be an extended lunch break from 12pm to 3:30pm so that you can enjoy the lake, and the many facilities that the resort has to offer. 

These two days will provide a balance between intensive training, and creating lasting friendships with other students and your tutors, as well as enjoying the wonderful surroundings and facilities of Bayview Wildwood. 


9:30 AM to 10:30 AM | SPIRITUAL TALK


11 AM to 12 PM | GROUP

12 PM to 3:30 PM | FREE TIME

3:30 PM to 5 PM | GROUP


5:20 PM to 6:30 PM | GROUP

6:30 PM to 8 PM | DINNER

8 PM to 9:30 PM | GROUP

9:30 PM to 12 AM | SOCIAL TIME

F R I D A Y 

The retreat will finish after lunch on Friday. The day will be dedicated to group sessions in the morning, making sure you have everything in place so you can implement what you have been taught during the retreat into your everyday mediumship development. 

9 AM to 10 AM | GROUP


10:30 AM to 12 PM | GROUP


12:30 PM | LUNCH

A C C O M O D A T I O N 

You have the option to book either a Single or Double occupancy room.

Due to Covid-19, shared rooms will only be available to those who are attending the retreat with a friend or loved one (someone they know and are comfortable sharing with).

We will not be putting people together in shared accommodation if they do not know each other. 

If you are travelling to the retreat by yourself then please select a single room occupancy. 



B O O K I N G  A  S H A R E D  R O O M 

For those who are booking double occupancy rooms, you can choose between a room equipped with a queen bed, or a Twin Room, which will have two queen beds. Please indicate which option you need when you receive the booking form after you have secured your place on the retreat.



R O O M  F A C I L I T I E S  

All rooms are equipped with the following features:



Mini Fridge

In-room Tea & Coffee Facilities

Direct Dial Phone

Movie Channel

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Lakeview Balcony (in select rooms)

The standard of accommodation at Bayview Wildwood Resort is excellent, and if you would like more details about the tooms then please click here.

The cost of the retreat is  $1,295 CAD (approx. $1,000 USD) for a single room or $1,095 CAD (approx. $860 USD) for a double room. A non-refundable deposit of $450 CAD (approx. $350 USD) is required to secure your place.


The remaining balance will be due on 15th April 2022. 

Once you have secured your place you will be sent a link to a booking form, which will need to be completed as soon as possible. This form will allow you to select what type of room you require, any dietary requirements you may have, and if you need to access the transportation service, amongst other things.  

Please note that Bayview will not be taking bookings directly. We will be dealing with Bayview directly on your behalf. 

This retreat is limited to a maximum of 32 participants (2 groups of 16 people).

If you have any questions please email Andy at, and if you would like more information about the resort please click here to visit their website. 

R E G I S T R A T I O N 

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