DEEPENING       THE                   EVIDENCE//    

D E E P E N I N G  T H E  E V I D E N C E

 6 - W E E K

O N L I N E  C O U R S E .

" Through the use of factual information the medium's job is is to tell the story of how your loved ones lived, and expressed themselves during their physical lives. For me, there is nothing quite like it - laughter, joy and sometimes tears of sadness, it should us that our loved ones who have passed away are still human, they have not changed but are still the same people, who love us and are only but a thought away. " - Andy Byng

The purpose of mediumship is more than merely conveying pieces of information from the spirit world. The medium must relive the life experiences, memories, and personalities of those in the spirit world; bringing the communicator alive, and thus allowing their loved ones in this world to relive those memories too,  


During this course, Andy will give you a theoretical understanding of how to unfold the life-story of the spirit person, and will provide you with robust practical exercises that will help you to deepen your practical evidence. Andy will place emphasis on helping you to understand the story of the communicator, and how to connect your statements of evidence together to form a coherent and full narrative, rather than merely delivering unrelated, unconnected pieces of evidence. 


Andy will also teach you how to deliver poignant and meaningful messages – the real message – that the spirit person is attempting to relay to their loved one. You will learn, through practical exercises, that the message does not come from the psychic level, and that it is not separate from the story that you have developed, but rather is firmly rooted in the narrative.


Each session will last for 2 hours, and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session. The time of each session will be 7 - 9 PM (UK Time).

The sessions will be recorded, so every talk and Question and Answer Session can be viewed afterwards. For those who can't make the session, you will be able to arrange to practise the exercise in your own time via the dedicated Facebook group.  

Dates (all in 2021):
July 12th : An Overview
July 19th : Establishing your Communicator through Practical Evidence
July 26th : Unfolding a Practical Story
Aug 3rd : Using a Picture in Multiple Ways
Aug 10th: Blending the Practical and Emotional Evidence
August 17th: Deepening the Message
Cost: £149 (GBP)

Please note that this course is run by the Spiritualist Society of Burlington. To Register for the course you will be redirected to their Spirit Events website, where payment can be made.