New Course: Colour & The Soul.

C O L O U R & T H E S O U L 4-W E E K O N L I N E C O U R S E . "To understand the colours that are present within a person's aura, is to understand the very nature of their soul: its core qualities, its potentialities and its essence." - Andy Byng ​ Colour is an often-overlooked aspect of mediumistic and psychic communication, and yet the colours that we are becoming aware of provide a unique insight into the qualities and nature of a person’s soul. The colours that we become aware of within a person’s aura denote the particular qualities that are present within their soul. As these qualities originate from that universal power which is the source of all life and is thus present withi

A New Year A New You & Charminster Spiritualist Church

What an eventful first week back after the Christmas break. Firstly, a massive thank you to Su Wood, Paul Jacobs and all of the students on A New Year, A New You, for making my first seminar of 2018 so memorable. It was fantastic to work with students on their personal development, and to see them grow and have their breakthroughs. After the college I went to Charminster to take a closed progressive group there. A huge thank you to Dominique Williams and Rosie Curtis for all their hard work organising the progressive group, to Jackie Gunningham and the committee at Charminster Spiritualist Church, and to the students for being so great. I even managed to sneak a cheeky fishing session in wit

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