The Difficulties of Learning Mediumship

It has been a very hectic week, as I have been in four different countries over the last 7 days. After coming back from Norway, I briefly came back to the UK before I left for Switzerland to work with a regular group of students that I have been teaching for around four years. Many students do not realise this, but one of the biggest obstacles to their development is not their mediumship, but rather their ability to assimilate the teaching, which leads to changes in the way they work with the spirit world and the evidence that they receive. In Switzerland, for instance, over the last four years I have had to re-emphasise many of the same points over and over again. Although students understa

Kristiansand Norway: Mediumship and Spiritual Development Seminar

It's been a busy couple of weeks. After finishing a course a Paul Jacobs' House of Spirit in Germany, I flew out to Norway to work with a group of Norwegian students. It is the first time that Siri has organi ed a course, and my visit marked the first time a British medium has held a Seminar and demonstrated in Kristiansand in Norway. It's a fantastic small coastal city that is located on the southern coast: its residents are very warm, it's architecture quaint, and it's air clean. It was a fantastic location to hold a seminar. I must take this opportunity to say a Massive thank you to Siri. For those who know Siri, to call her a special person is somewhat of a truism. She is a very warm

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