Sitting in the Power: Online Meditation Course

"While it is possible to develop mediumship without meditation, I do not believe that a medium can fulfil their potential without mastering it." - Andy Byng ​ Meditation should be a central component to everybody's mediumistic development, but it is often an aspect that is severly overlooked. While there are many different meditations for relaxation, for mindfulness and for creating a sense of inner peace, there are very few that are good for mediumistic development. Sitting in the Power is a fantastic meditation for mediumistic development, as Andy says: ​ " Sitting in the Power is a meditation that I have been practising for 14 years. It has formed the foundation of my spiritual and medi

Meditation and Mediumship Development (Free Download)

Meditation has always been a central component of my mediumistic development. Before I did any practical exercises, or attended any seminars, workshops or development circles, on mediumship, I meditated one hour each day for two years. Looking back this period of meditation, and practising a meditation we call 'Sitting in the Power', created a solid foundation on which my mediumship could rest. I have always emphasised the importance of meditation in mediumistic development, and have urged my students to make it a part of their daily lives, in the same way that I have. I have written a short article, which is free to download, entitled ' Sitting in the Power: Meditation and the Development o

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