From Lancashire to Holland

It has been a hugely enjoyable month so far. After tutoring at the Barbanell Centre on the German Mentorship Scheme, I travelled to Lancashire to conduct a weekend seminar and several demonstrations with my good friend, and colleague, Phil Dykes. It has been a year since I have been in Lancashire, and I have to say I have had a splendid time. A massive thank you to Phil for putting up with me for a week at his home, making me feel so welcome, looking after me, and being a good friend; and to the churches and centres for allowing us to demonstrate. Trish Davis was fantastic allow us to use Saint Michael’s Lodge to hold the seminar too. I always love to demonstrate, but doing six demonstration

Mediumship: The Power of the Story (Free Download)

Sharing knowledge has always been something that is really important to me. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to study Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at King's College London, and more recently Nineteenth-Century History at Birkbeck College, both of which are part of The University of London. My academic research into these areas have helped to underpin my understanding of the philosophy and history of mediumship and spiritualism. Over the coming months I will be posting various different short-talks, lectures and articles related to mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy and history. While these will primarily be focused on the history and philosophy of mediumship, I will also tou

The Lancashire Experience

A week of mediumistic demonstrations and spiritual teaching in Lancashire, UK. With Spiritual Mediums Andy Byng and Philip Dykes

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