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Andy Byng - Spiritual Medium

GROUP//           BIRMINGHAM     

P R O G R E S S I V E  G R O U P


U N I T E D  K I N G D O M

"A progressive group enables the tutor to get to know the student as an individual, while providing the student with the time to absorb properly the teaching. Both of these things are essential ingredients in developing mediumship. - Andy Byng

For those students who are serious about their mediumistic development, progressive training can be very beneficial. As progressive groups contain the same students for a fixed period of time (usually 1-3 years), the tutor can move the whole group forward together, rather than having to go back to the beginning every time a new student joins the group.


The progressive group this enables the tutor to get to know each student as an individual, which allows for a more tailored tuition that focuses on the particular needs of each student. Also, it allows the tutor to deliver a deeper and more progressive program of teaching: the student really gets to understand and embed their tutor’s teachings, which undoubtedly has a real positive impact on the student’s development.


Andy is establishing a progressive group, which will be open to a maximum number of 12 students, in Birmingham. Students who sign up to the course are committing to three seminars, and are required to attend all three seminars. For the best results the group has to move forward together, and missing training will hold back both the individual student, and thus the group as a whole. 


T H E  T E A C H I N G  //

The teaching will focus on mediumistic communication for demonstrations of mediumship, and mediumistic and psychic development for private sittings. This course is suitable for those that have experience with their development. Andy will push the boundaries of your mediumship, and focus on the areas of your development, and the group's as a whole, that need to be strengthened. The two-day seminars will be intensive, and the working day will begin at 1000 and finish at 1800 each day. This will give you the opportunity to have a range of focused exercises and explanations that will help you to move forward with your development. 

C O S T  &  P A Y M E N T  P L A N  //

The cost of the progressive group is £270. A deposit of £100 is needed to secure your place on the course. A payment plan is available for the remainder of the course fee, which will be payable monthly over the period between the deposit being made and the start of the first seminar. To arrange a payment plan please contact Andy on once the deposit has been paid. 



D A T E S  //


The dates of the seminars are as follows: 

July 21- 22nd 2018


Sept 1 - 2th 2018 

Dec 8 - 9th 2018


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